Change Your Mind


When you wake up wantin' me,
And you can't go back to sleep,
Change your mind.
When your weak all alone,
And you're reachin' for the phone,
Change your mind.
Keep on goin' 'till you're gone,
Even when you think it's wrong,
When you look back in regret,
The moment that you left.
Change your mind,
Baby don't come back this time,
Don't wanna have to say goodbye,
All over again
So if you think there's still a chance to make it right,
And I'm the only one you want tonight,
Change your mind,
Change your mind.
In the early mornin' haze,
When my kiss is all you crave,
Let it go.
'Cause I don't wanna do that dance,
The push and pull,
The second chance,
I already know,
Yea I know.
You'll just promise me forever,
And then you'll take it back,
Just like that,
Sayin' you can

Change Your Mind - Scar;et & Gunner

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